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What is Vizzle?

Vizzle is a wonderful hobby for whole family. It looks like papertole, which is popular among people who like scrapbooking and decoupage, but you do not need scissors and glue for our product. As a result you can create a beautiful 3D picture which is a good handmade present or decoration. It is amazing game for children and creative activity for adults.


How does it work?

It's very simple!

1 step: Take basis of the picture.

2 step: Successively fix details, using glue pads (strongly keep numeration!).

3 step: Fold the box.

Done! Your picture looks like so real, that it seems like your handiwork is coming to live.


The package set includes:

- frame base

- background picture, base for 3D application

- numbered pieces details for assembly and stickers

- decorative cover frame with PVC film, which protects the picture from dust and simulates glass emphasing the deepnes and dimensionality of the image


Vizzle for adults

-Enthralling hobby and interesting pastime

-Papertole without using make-shift

-3D decoupage

-Qualitative and aesthetically pleasant gift handmade


Vizzle for kids

-Development manual fine motor skills, exactitude, assiduity, advertence

-Creative, original hobby

-Сolourful 3D applique handmade


Types of Vizzle:

-Vizzle 3D card

-Vizzle PhotoFrame

-Mini Vizzle for children from 3 to 5 years old (assembling under parental supervision!!!)

-Vizzle Kids for children from 5 to 10 years old

-Vizzle Standart for adults and teenagers

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